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The Pain Release Process

We may not have a choice about whether we feel pain, but we do have a choice about whether we suffer.

The pain release process is a very simple exercise that I have developed through working with people in either physical or emotional pain. It changes your perspective on pain, overwhelming emotions, stress or illness. It brings peace and comfort and allows your own inner wisdom to give you the guidance you need at the time.

The Pain Release Process Testimonials

  • Your technique works very well for the pains in my feet and legs and I am now able to decrease their intensity.
    Jennifer - Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease
    The process allows me to accept things instead of tensing up more. You relax out of it. I have slept a lot better and have not taken any pain killers for three weeks. I have used the process every night, I sleep better and do not wake as tense so there is less of a problem in the day.
    Ruth - Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis
    [In the night] Rather than thrashing about and then getting up and taking a pain killer, I do the PRT and fall asleep!
    Diane - Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
    I do the process and the pain goes, I am left at peace.
    Margaret - Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
    It has helped the tiredness and eased the pain.
    Gerald - Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis
  • I have been taught a technique for dealing with some of my demons. Haven't got a clue why it works.
    It has made me more accepting of myself and my emotions, making me less panicky when I begin to get upset. I feel a much calmer person.
    It has made me have a healthier relationship with food, my body and my own self worth, which in turn has helped me be able to connect with my partner, family and friends without being afraid of being hurt.
    I've had a recent situation which would have thrown me into a bit of turmoil a few months back, but after your helpful sessions and what I have learned I have been able to take each day one at a time and bring myself back into the moment when I feel my thoughts getting ahead of me.
    I do feel totally back on track - and better than I've felt for a long time, thanks to your help.
  • Probably THE most valuable tool I have for my own development and the sense of peace and love I get from doing it is second to none.
    I have benefitted enormously and been able to address some difficult issues. Some very profound personal healing.
    I have a deeper understanding of my life's purpose and its impact on those around me when I live it fully. I am more at peace with myself and those I love. I am more open to deep conversation.
    I have deepened my awareness of what holds me back and my trust in the process of connecting with emotions and letting go.
    I came out of the seminar (after doing the work with Clare) full of peaceful energy.
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